BMW 3 Series 2011

Roland's BMW

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Austin, TX 78722

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The car will not be available again until early September, it is rented until end of August and will go in for service maintenance in early September. I'm EXTREMELY interested in renting it out long-term from early September through December 1st, as I'll be out of the country until December.
My car is priced lower than the rental cars at the airport and is parked at ... the airport. For the price of an economy rental you will be stylin in my baby. I accept reservations from verified, completed profiles and often will be able to pick you up and bring you to the car and sometimes back to where you stay, depending on where you are in relation to where I am.
The car is very clean and of course I take great care of it and expect you to do the same. Please treat it the way you'd treat your own BMW. For example, watch for potholes as the low profile tires do not handle them well, a cracked rim is very costly and can easily occur after hitting a pothole.

Premium fuel only please !!! Avoid engine failure.

I'll be managing this from Europe, so be patient if the time difference doesn't allow me to respond right away. I may be asleep while you're awake.
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  • Automatic transmission
  • GPS
  • Audio input
  • All-wheel drive
  • Long term rentals
  • Must be age 25+ to rent

Mileage limits

  • 200 mi/day
  • 1,000 mi/week
  • 1,500 mi/month


Austin, TX 78722


Last updated 310 days ago

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response rate
2 hrs
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