Nissan Sentra 2011

The Fully Loaded Nissan Sentra

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Jersey City, NJ 07306
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About the car

Hate driving a big vehicle? Like saving on gas? Like advanced features like enhanced audio or navigation? Then this might be the car you would like.

My car is fully loaded version of Nissan Sentra, with GPS, leather seats, USB (iphone), bluetooth, fold-able back seat and smart key entry. The car does a very nice ride and comfort - quiet, smooth and a relaxing one which makes it perfect for a family holiday or vacation.

The car is smoke free and my goal is to make sure the car remains pleasant for other renters. Hence if you smoke or would be carrying any form of smelling items in the car, this won't be the car for you. If you do happen to stain or smell the car, full fees will be charged to get the smell out.

The car is located around 10 mins walk (max) from Journal Square PATH train station. If you are around, I can pick you from the Journal Square PATH Plaza. Just indicate it in the reservation request if you need me to pick-up.

My goal is to keep the car as clean as possible so others like you have a great experience. I appreciate folks who help meet this goal and in return provide them with a great feedback. If you bring the car dirty, I will indicate in your feedback.

If you are planning to use the car for any business purpose, please let me know in advance. In certain cases I allow depending on the use of the car.

My goal is to keep this car as a great family car with excellent mileage and a loaded set of features which are usually not available if you rent via other companies. If these terms are ok to you and this is the type of car you are looking for, please go ahead and check if we can work out the pick-up/delivery.

Thanks for your time. Happy Driving. And have an excellent day.
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  • Automatic transmission
  • GPS
  • Audio input
  • Long term rentals

Mileage limits

  • 100 mi/day
  • 350 mi/week
  • 750 mi/month


Jersey City, NJ 07306


Last updated 3 days ago

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response rate
6 hrs
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