Nissan Cube 2011

JOSHY'S CUBIE!!! approx 35mpg!

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Littleton, CO 80123

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About the car

Super awesome car that runs very smooth. The gas is really nice at an average of about 35mpg! It is very spacious and with the back seat being able to move back and forth like the front seats it makes for the best room when you either need trunk space or backseat leg room. The back seats also recline for more comfort. It is an automatic so easy for anyone to drive. just let me know what you need and I will do whatever I can to accommodate most anything if I can. I hope you enjoy CUBIE as my girlfriends kids has named it :)

Also I know pets are just like family so on that note I do allow pets on one condition! you clean up after them and return it with no hair anywhere or any other nasties. If returned where the seats are covered or something like that there will be a car detailing fee but as along as you clean it up feel free to have your furry little friend enjoy Cubie as well

The rules of my rental

-NO SMOKING. I want to keep it fresh and clean for the next person and also for me as well
- Pets are ok as long as you clean up and it looks as when you got it (clean up fees apply if not clean)
- When you have the car you are free to go where ever as long as you are careful. treat it as if it was your own is all I ask
- DEPENDING on if I'm available I can pick up and drop off at the airport but its a $40 cash fee each way (cheaper then any taxi service including Uber) which you would would have to drop me off at my house after I pick you up and then you pick me up on the way to the airport to drop you off. I can not leave vehicle at the airport for any reason.
- As far as gas I will fill it up completely and require it to be filled back up as its returned. For airport pick up and drop offs I will fill the tank as I leave my place to pick you up then as were leaving to the airport we will stop at same gas station to refill before we head to the airport which will satisfy the gas requirement.
- DONT STEAL! I will have a few things as far as iPhone and iPod hook up to the stereo and charger for your use I just ask you not to steal what I offer so the next person can enjoy them

Most of all i want you to enjoy a wonderful experience while driving this awesome car.

P.S. when submit a request, in the message please let me know if you are needing an airport pick up or drop off and also the times you would need. i just like to make sure
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  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
  • Long term rentals

Mileage limits

  • 100 mi/day
  • 500 mi/week
  • 1,500 mi/month


Littleton, CO 80123


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56 min
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