FIAT 500e 2013


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Los Angeles, CA 90015

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About the car

Have you ever wanted to drive an Electric Car? Not only is it a smooth ride, but you're saving the Earth one trip at a time. My Fiat has got a sunroof, white leather interior, and a GPS system. Perfect for zipping around town and running errands, or visiting friends in an eye-popping cool urban car.

The electric Fiat 500E can travel only 80 to 100 miles per charge. If you want to charge and go, it only costs $2 per charge or there are also Free charging stations that you can locate through the GPS in my Fiat, or you can get a free app download on your smartphone with PlugShare, ChargePoint, Blink, etc. OR if you have access to a 110V or 220V electric outlet you can always charge it up with the cable that is provided with the car.

I will provide you with the following when you decide to rent with me:

- iPhone 4 & 5 Charging cable
- Ram-mount for your mobile device
- Clean Car
- Sun roof
- Seat Warmer
- Charging Cable
- Tire Filler (in case, you happen to get a flat)
- Sirius XM Radio

A couple of requests:
- Please, NO smoking in the car at anytime.
- No pets. Human pets are okay though. You can easily strap in your carseat.
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  • Automatic transmission
  • Hybrid
  • GPS

Mileage limits

  • 200 mi/day
  • 1,000 mi/week
  • 1,500 mi/month


Los Angeles, CA 90015


Last updated 242 days ago

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response rate
5 hrs
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