Nissan Leaf 2013

Shashank's Nissan

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Mountain View, CA 94043

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About the car

Brand new Nissan Leaf electric vehicle.
Electric engine == Silent ride.
Earth will thank you for good karma!
Carpool sticker. Zip past others on way to work. Because DMV thanks you for your karma as well :)
Equipped with quick charge port == Allows for 30 minue recharge if you have access to DC quick charger.

You must try it before you buy it. If your daily commute is <30 miles one way and have easy access to charging at work electric vehicle may be right fit you. But you may have doubts and questions about hassles involved in charging, power, driving comfort etc. Just trying it on dealers lot doesn't do justice since an EV is a life style change. Best way is to rent it for a month and see for yourself if it is a good fit for you.

I assume that you know the range limitations of Nissan leaf electric car so please research that before renting. This goes about 80 miles on full charge but changes with driving. Perfect for commute. Not meant for long drive unless you enjoy being stranded in the road.
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  • Automatic transmission
  • Hybrid

Mileage limits

  • 250 mi/day
  • 1,250 mi/week
  • 1,875 mi/month


Mountain View, CA 94043


Last updated over a year ago

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