Honda Civic CRX 1990

ugly but faithful

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San Diego, CA 92120

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About the car

Not much to look at but dependable commuter or grocery getter. I wouldn't take this thing on your first date unless you plan to park it far away....far, far away.

No A/C.
No Cruise Control.

Gas mileage is in the high 30's.
Easily goes 85mph on the freeway.
Oh, stick shift so don't wear pumps for this ride.
Nice sound system.
MP3/Aux input.
2 seater, plenty of storage in the trunk.
Car is maintained perfectly, new tires, new brakes, reliable for long drives.


Come rent this bad boy!! It's available pretty much every day. It's not cool enough for me to drive but very dependable. It's parked on location all the time (except when someone rents it out) and I can try my best to meet you somewhere to hand off the keys.
Plenty of storage in the back.
2 seater.

Learn how to drive stick...
Drive this car and you'll learn to appreciate yours...
Marvel at 1990's technology...
Total chick magnet...or dude's a magnet!
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  • Manual transmission
  • Audio input
  • Long term rentals

Mileage limits

  • Unlimited / day
  • Unlimited / week
  • Unlimited / month


San Diego, CA 92120


Last updated over a year ago

Owned by

response rate
1 hr
response time

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