Volvo C70 2004

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San Diego, CA 92101

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Southern California Car
San Diego, Orange, LA & Imperial Counties Only

Estimated MPG (
18–20 city / 26–27 hwy
Name: Blue Velvet
GAS: 91. Will improve MPG by 10%

Do you shop at IKEA? Do you like Swedish meatballs? If you answer YES to one of these then driving a Swedish convertible should be on your Bucket List. After you drive a Volvo, you might not turn into a Volvorine, but you will understand why the “Volvo for life” slogan.

If you appreciate timeless car and Swedish engineering, then this is it. This is NOT a brand new car. The car shows signs of wear & use from many family trips we took with fond memories. Now it is your turn to create yours.

I have owned both BMW and Mercedes convertibles. I have found the Volvo to be the most comfortable. The leather seats are great. The interior is spacious for a convertible. I was able to fit two sets of golf clubs in the trunk which was not possible in the other convertibles. The turbo engine gives excellent acceleration and high MPG. Getting 28+ MPG with mostly in town driving.

Rear leg room is great, by far better than any other convertible. Only front wheel drive convertible on the market to help when weather is not the best. Or you can go into the sand road. Front wheel drive has lots more traction. Easier to drive on sand roads. Convertible makes for a quiet ride with top up and is amazing to watch operate. Volvo safety!! What's not to like? Very fun convertible A great balance between a sporty and luxury automobile.

I really enjoy my convertible. Heads turn when I drive down the road as there are not a lot of C-70's around. Stylish, fast, good road car. Convertible top very easy to drop and put up. Front seats are like lounge chairs very comfortable even in long drive. Average several compliments a day when the top is down. (Parking lots, gas stations etc.) Solid luxury sedan feel.

Plus, there's practical advantages, too. In most of the two-door sporty coupes and GT cars I've tested for Will It Baby, the act of getting the kid in and out of the back seat has usually been a nightmare of contortion, bonked kid heads. Not in a convertible. In a convertible, you simply plop the kid down into the seat like you're dropping him in the bathtub. Removal is the reverse, and just as easy.

Out on the road, the wind and noise and big, open sky made the most mundane trip feel like Disneyland. Take trip down to the beach with this convertible today. Book now while it is still available.

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FREE GIFTS: WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. We have some free gifts for all bookings. After you book the car you must let us know you that would like to receive the complimentary gift. We will put it in the car for you. See more details of gift on our Facebook page.
Free with every booking: (Pack of 3) Smooth Trip Luggage Tags.
Free with one week booking or more: Full Sized Durable Slip Resistant Yoga Mat (67" x 24")
Free with one month booking or more: Koblenz HV-108 KR 10.8V Rechargeable Handheld Vacuum

We have extensive experience with international driver’s licenses as well as long term rentals (one month or longer) requirements and add-on insurance policies. If you have questions before booking, you can contact us. You can like and can interact with us on our Facebook page.
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We are car enthusiasts. We take good care of our cars. Please only rent from us if you will treat it like your own vehicle. Remember it is a community car sharing. Please return the car in the same clean condition as you received it for the next member of the community to use.

In my cars you will find the following. If you need this for your trip you can leave $15 for replacement of each item. Renters are responsible for missing items in the cars. All items should be put back to their boxes at the end of the rental period.
• DC to AC Mobile Power Inverter is perfect for travelers and commuters. The inverter plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter 12V DC power outlet and provides 120V AC power outlet for your gadgets (computers) and a USB charging port.

When I preapprove the trip, you must book it to get the car. There are many outstanding preapproved orders for each car. Whoever books first will get the car. I might be helping with booking the car. During that process, if my prior preapproved order books the car, the car will no longer be available for you. Please don’t feel disappointed at me or upset. There is nothing I can do at that point. I have many cars so we can book another car for you.

My cars are dedicated to serving the RelayRides community, unless rented by another member as indicated in the availability calendar, it’s available 24/7. We have a lock box for after-hours pick up and returns.

Our rental prices are competitive. We can pick up and drop off for a nominal agreed upon charge (depending on rental duration, schedule etc...). Usually about $20 to cover our cost. We have many friends we can call on so we are pretty sure we can accommodate your pick up/drop off requests. We'll keep track of your arrival time, so don't panic if the plane is delayed. We will pick you up at curbside. When you get out let us know what zone you are at. Drop me off is 10 min away. For drop off, we will drive you directly to the check in counter. This is faster and convenient (rental car shuttle, carrying luggage, waiting in line and paperwork). The benefits and advantage of us picking up or dropping off is that everything will be prearranged for you. You don’t need to load and unload many times. You don’t have to call a taxi and then have to wait around for them to come saving you time (and money!)

OR a shuttle bus to our City Heights location is about 8 miles from SAN OR (Uber & Lyft recommended). If you are first time Uber OR Lyft user, you can use these codes: 73MDD (Uber) and NHUT5 (Lyft) to get your first ride free.

If you need more mileage than what is listed, contact us. We have an unlimited mileage option. If you want to use the car for long distance travel, please let us know at the time of booking because we know the condition of our cars and we can prepare for your long trip accordingly. No smoking or pets allowed in the vehicles. (Other renters might be allergic)
Again, long distance travel is allowed depending on the car, but you MUST let us know so we can prepare for it. We will need to prepare spare tires, jumper cables, etc. We want to make sure you will not have ANY problems, as your safety is our TOP priority.

Our cars are non-smoking, pet free vehicles that are cleaned on a weekly basis. They are in excellent condition and are professionally maintained in accordance with RelayRides safety and maintenance requirements. We are car enthusiasts. We take good care of our cars. Please only rent from us if you will treat it like your own vehicle. Remember it is a community car sharing. Please return the car in the same clean condition as you received it for the next member of the community to use.

PLEASE NOTE: We adhere to all RelayRides policies and terms, likewise, renters of this vehicle must also adhere to all RelayRides policies and terms including the Cancellation Policy and Prohibited Use of Vehicles.

Our monthly price will be less than a monthly car payment and insurance, and you don't have the hassle of selling it months down the road. Plus, you get to drive many different types of cars. You don’t have to be stuck with a car that you dislike. You don’t have to worry about unexpected car repairs, so it is easier to budget.


My monthly price would be less than monthly car payment and insurance, and then you don't have to hassle with selling it months down the road. Plus, you get to drive many different kind of cars. You don’t have to be stuck with the car that you dislike. You don’t have to worry about unexpected car repair. It is easier to budget.
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  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
  • Bike rack
  • Convertible
  • Long term rentals

Mileage limits

  • 200 mi/day
  • 1,000 mi/week
  • 1,500 mi/month

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response rate
19 min
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