Mazda MAZDA3 2008


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San Francisco, CA 94122

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San Francisco, CA 94122

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About the car

Before 2011, I was carless for several years.
I could not find a vehicle which met my criteria for fuel efficiency, cargo space, zip, safety, comfort, and cost.
Then came Sully.

Whether it's been a quick trip to the grocery store, a family picnic in a nearby park, a camping trip in Yosemite, or a road trip up the coast, Sully has exceeded my expectations. He's primarily used for long-distance travel, but his insides are in tip-top shape for city or open road driving. In addition to the tire changing equipment, Sully comes with extra amenities to improve your experience: umbrella, sun shade, CA road map, flashlight, tire pressure gauge, manual, shopping bags, road atlas, first aid kit, and emergency supplies.


Remember a day when you were trapped inside and couldn't out to play? Perhaps you were grounded...maybe you were injured...or it could have just been lousy weather or a foul mood.

Whatever the circumstances, I bet you were eager to leave the building and go have some fun, RIGHT?

Well that's how Sully, our 2008 Mazda3 hatchback, feels. My wife and I love having him for road trips to Yosemite, Vancouver, or any number of national parks, but during the weekdays and on most weekends he sits idle waiting to be played with. He wants to stretch his tires, shake the dust off his wipers, and feel the wind in his antenna.

Can you help him be happy again?

If you love a sporty stick shift, great gas mileage, or the color royal blue, please consider Sully for your next adventure.

You'll be happy, he'll be happy, I'll be happy.
Win. Win. Win.
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  • Manual transmission
  • Long term rentals

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  • 200 mi/day
  • 1,000 mi/week
  • 1,500 mi/month

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response rate
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