Porsche Boxster 2003

Unlimited Miles !!!

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San Francisco, CA 94123

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About the car

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The car is at 2550 Greenwich St, San Francisco, CA

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_____________About the car___________________________

This is a Porsche Boxster Period

A few details about the car:

> The car has a Bluetooth system through which you can pair your phone and listen to music or make and receive phone calls, there is also an aux and USB option.

> All Leather interior (Black) - matches the black low profile sport wheels from Porsche with the golden Porsche badge on them

> Climate control (set the temperature, sit back and relax)

> Power Seats (Driver's Side)

> Aux Input for music

> Automatic (5 speed) - ~ 200 Horsepower

> Mid Engine - Rear Wheel drive - 6 cylinder - Boxer engine (hint: that's how the name was born - Boxer + Roadster = Boxster !! get it :)

> Convertible top (it has one of the fastest top up/down times ~ 13 secs is how long it takes for the roof to go down or back up)

> One of the few cars that have two trunks - yep - one in the front (Frunk that's what Tesla calls its front trunk in its model S ) and one in the back

> To top it all of, since the roof folds down onto the engine it wont take up any space from the Trunk or the Frunk

> ABS system for better breaking

> ~ 25-30 mpg (not bad for a sports car)

All in all a great handling car


My car is always available as I ride my Bike to work.
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  • Automatic transmission
  • GPS
  • Audio input
  • Convertible
  • Long term rentals
  • Must be age 25+ to rent

Mileage limits

  • Unlimited / day
  • Unlimited / week
  • Unlimited / month


San Francisco, CA 94123


Last updated 53 days ago

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response rate
15 min
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