Audi A4 2006


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sunrise, FL 33322

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About the car

This audi is so fast and smooth to drive. It has a great sunroof to enjoy the sun and breeze from our beautiful south Florida. It even has a cassette player for those oldie days, 6 cd slots, and I added an ipod transmitter so you can also plug in your music. Five people can fit in the car, and the trunk is even spacies. If you have a bike you can fold the back seats flat forward so than you have space to add your bike. In this case with the back seats folded forward 2 people can fit in the front. The ac works great and passenger and driver have different buttons to adjust ac as they wish so if you like it cold you can lower it or if you like it medium you can do that too. It also has a great cruise control. Of course the seats are leather. Book it fast many love this car to rent.

-Turbo engine
-AC temperature can be different for passenger and driver
-445 miles can be driven with a full tank
-backseats can be folded forward for more space for bike, twin bed, etc..
-cassette CD and ipod/iphone/samsung phone etc.. player
-cruise control
-5 people can fit
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  • Manual transmission
  • Must be age 25+ to rent

Mileage limits

  • 150 mi/day
  • 500 mi/week
  • 750 mi/month


sunrise, FL 33322


Last updated over a year ago

Owned by

response rate
13 hrs
response time

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