Volkswagen GTI 2008

They've Gone to Plaid!

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Watertown, MA 02472
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About the car

This car is so fast, the seats have literally turned to plaid. Turbocharged, two-door hatchback with sunroof, Sirius satellite radio, and all the fit and finish you'd expect from genuine German Engineering™. TGTP also comes with her very own off-street parking space, so there's no driving around and hunting for parking spots after your trip. 🇩🇪

Note: There is a car seat base in the rear, passenger side seat. Please give me sufficient notice if you need it removed.

Q. What octane gas should I use to fill the GTI?
A. Please use 91 octane or higher.

Q. How do I open the fuel door?
A. There are two levers near the bottom of the driver's side door. The first one (closer to the inside of the car) unlocks the trunk; the second one pops open the fuel door.

Q. How do I open the trunk? There's no handle!
A. The "VW" emblem is actually the handle. Just press the top and it will swivel and turn into a handle like a Transformer.
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  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
  • Long term rentals
  • Must be age 25+ to rent

Mileage limits

  • 150 mi/day
  • 750 mi/week
  • 1,125 mi/month


Watertown, MA 02472


Last updated 6 days ago

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