BMW 3 Series 2013

G's BMW in Orlando, FL

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Orlando, FL 32839
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About the car

Almost new condition, was purchased late June 2013. It is an awesome car - everything you would expect from BMW and more including the sport package, lighting package and sunroof. This car has ALL the possible options except navigation and heated seats. The ride is extremely comfortable with its sports leather bucket seats... when you hit a curve the edges of the seat won't let your body sway with the car!

The car is a SULEV edition (Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle) which means you'll be seeing 30mpg easily. It's got the technology that shuts down the engine when you're at a red light so a lot of the gas savings comes from that. I have even seen 43mpg at 60mp with ECO driving mode on on the highway (if you're not in a rush!)

The SPORT driving mode lowers the car a bit and tightens the suspension and steering wheel so you feel more control and the car grips the road better in curves.

I have easily accessible and high-quality AUX cable (red) for sound and (black) for iPhone 5 charger. The audio system also works with your cell's bluetooth so you can talk hands-free.

Car Rules:

* No smoking in the car.
* No pets in the car.
* Please keep the interior clean.
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  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
  • Must be age 25+ to rent

Mileage limits

  • 150 mi/day
  • 750 mi/week
  • 1,125 mi/month


Orlando, FL 32839


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response rate
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