Austin W.

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  • Hi I'm Austin. I started renting out vehicles in summer of 2012. Overall it's been a good & successful experience. I'm currently offering a 2002 Toyota Sequoia 4WD & a 2007 Toyota Sienna. These are both 8 passenger vehicles. These vehicles have been to several destinations including beaches, mountains, the Columbia Gorge, central Oregon, and also as far as Utah & Glacier National Park to name a few distant places. They both work well for adventures with your friends or a family vacation. Why do I rent out vehicles? A few reasons-one being the same as most owners in wanting to put them to good use instead of just sitting idle in a driveway. Renters get the benefit of paying less than they typically would by going through one of the major rental outlets. My airport renters also say I'm more convenient because instead of riding an airport shuttle to a rental lot & dealing with a counter agent, I meet them curbside at the airport & they're quickly on their way. My second reason is even better. In June 2014, I started setting aside 10% of my rental income for a local non-profit that needs to upgrade their computer lab, but has insufficient funding. To date, I've raised $2,597.00. The good news is the fundraising target was actually exceeded. We're projected to have at least 6 new computers, hopefully 7 by November, and maybe sooner! So as you can see, everyone benefits by renting my vehicles. Renters get a solid, reliable vehicle (the reviews speak for themselves). I benefit by offsetting insurance & other costs. And a local non-profit will have new computers soon! To me, it seems like a "win-win situation."
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    Sherwood, Oregon
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    Lake Oswego, Oregon
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