Aaron B.

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  • Hi, I'm Aaron and I want to make your Austin experience the best. I am passionate about helping others and making sure everything is easy for you. I have several cars on relay rides full time so I generally have something available with an open schedule. People who rent from me tell me horror stories about others they tried to book from because the logistics were too difficult. I have a flexible schedule so i can make things easy. I can pick you up from the airport, meet you at the bus stop, or leave the car at your hotel. My main gig is managing a few short term rental houses downtown. If you are looking for a house for the weekend or a month, let me know. I have several houses downtown and 200 five star reviews on housing sites. If you need a car, let me know and I can make it happen. I hope to see you soon.
  • Lives:
    Downtown Austin
  • Works:
    rents cars, rents houses (month to month and short term) general entrepreneur
  • School:
    Master's degree in Communication from Kansas State but learned more traveling through 50 countries