For renters

  1. Get started

    Sign up with Facebook or email, and verify your phone number. Every renter needs to have their identity and eligibility verified before booking a car, so we recommend getting approved to drive to save time later.

  2. Find your perfect car

    Enter your travel dates and search the city or airport where you need a car. As you browse through our unbeatable selection of diverse vehicles, use filters to help find the vehicle that best suits your needs.

  3. Ask questions

    Each car’s calendar and description should answer many common questions, but contact as many car owners as you’d like to ask any specific questions you might have.

  4. Rent the car

    Once you’ve identified that perfect car, go ahead and rent it. The car’s owner has 24 hours to give an official confirmation, and they often respond faster.

  5. Pick up the car

    Meet the owner at your trip start time. It’s okay to shake hands and say hello. Before you depart, note any pre-existing damage to the vehicle. Adjust the mirrors and hit the road!

  6. Return the car

    At the end of your trip, replace the gas you used, and return the car and the keys to their owner. Make sure you’re on time!

    Don’t forget to say thanks when you leave a review. Your ratings help other renters find the right car.



For car owners

  1. List your car

    Create a new listing in minutes. Tell us about your car, add a few photos, and you’re in the marketplace. Update your car’s calendar so renters know when it may be available.

    Before your first rental, get your car ready. Put your RelayRides insurance card in the glovebox, double-check that you’re up-to-date on maintenance, and tidy up the interior.

  2. Respond to requests

    We’ll notify you when somebody wants to rent your car. Check out their profile and ratings and decide whether the trip works for you. Feel free to contact the renter if you have any questions. You’re always in charge of who can drive your car.

  3. Meet the renter

    Check their license, show them around the car, check the mileage and fuel level, and hand them the keys.

  4. Relax and count your earnings

    Sit back! RelayRides is keeping your car safe with our insurance and roadside support.

  5. Collect your keys

    The renter will return your car at the end of the trip. Talk to them about the vehicle condition, and make sure everything’s in order.

    Make sure to rate your renter, so other owners can stay informed.

Keeping you safe is our first priority

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Whether you have car to list in the marketplace, or are looking for a rental, you can get started in a matter of minutes. There are no signup fees, no membership fees, and no listing fees. So why not start using RelayRides today?

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More questions?

Renting cars from real people is new, and we understand if you want to know more before you get started.

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