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Why work at RelayRides?

A culture of trust & responsibility

People care a lot about their cars, and we care a lot about people. Every day, we work hard to make sure that renting in the RelayRides marketplace is safe and transparent, for both owners and renters.

We tackle hard problems

RelayRides is a growing business, and we have plenty of thorny problems to solve. From software engineering to UX, from actuarial science to airport operations, we’re looking to build the best marketplace we can.

It’s fun in here

We’re not just building a business; we’re also building a workplace. From meeting our customers in person, to just hanging out together, we’re having a great time together.

Need more reasons?

Here are a few more things you might want to know about RelayRides

Comfort and ease

High ceilings, good light, excellent tools, quiet places to think. These are a few of the basics that aren’t always so basic in today’s workplaces. We work hard to make sure RelayRides is a pleasant place to do your best work.

Free driving credit

There’s no better way to understand your customers than by being a customer yourself. All RelayRides employees receive free driving credit every month, no strings attached.

Ursine-free offices *

Don’t like being attacked by violent bears when you least expect it? Neither do we. Our offices have been free of most bear species since 2011, and we’re keeping it that way.

* not actually guaranteed