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Your car is covered by our $1,000,000 liability policy during every rental. It covers any damage to or theft from your car, with no out-of-pocket expenses.

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Your safety is our #1 priority. We don’t allow renters with bad driving history or an unconfirmed identity to rent.

What are RelayRides owners saying?

I’m estimating that I will make $40,000 a year from my three vehicle fleet on RelayRides. It’s a great way to have a car without incurring the expense of a car. I get the luxury of a vehicle and don’t have to worry about paying for it!

Dylan R. Chicago, IL

We were barely using our car at all. My RelayRides payments are generally between $400 and $500 per month and cover my car payments, plus more! The extra goes into the bank and gets spent on other things.

Julie L. New York City, NY

I grew up in the Midwest, so maybe it’s our avoid-wasting-anything mentality. If I have something I am not using all the time, there is no reason why I shouldn’t let someone else use it. RelayRides is an extension of that concept for me.

Paul S. San Francisco, CA

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