Rent and go with RelayRides

  1. Find your perfect ride

    Need a compact hybrid for running errands? Or a roomy SUV for a fun outing with friends? RelayRides has thousands of cars to choose from.

  2. Make a reservation

    Sign up in seconds to request a car you like.

  3. Hit the road

    Meet the owner and get the keys.

  4. Refill, return and repeat

    Replace any gas you used and return the car at the scheduled time. Good experience? Say thanks with a nice review.

I needed a 4x4 truck for a day and was able to rent one from someone who lived just a couple blocks away. It was easy and so convenient! Bruce, Los Angeles, CA
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How it works

Reservations & payment

Choose a car, rental date and time. Enter your credit card and driver’s license information.

Know you’re covered

Every RelayRides reservation is covered by our fleet-wide insurance policy.

Getting the keys

Meet the owner and get the keys.

Returning the car

Simply return the car to the same place where you picked it up and return the keys to the owner.

Gas policy

Simply replace the gas you used.

Why rent with us?

Free membership

You pay only when you rent a car — not for being a member of RelayRides.

Smart savings

The average car owner spends $715 a month on his or her vehicle. Try paying for it only when you need it, with great cars starting at just $20/day.

Convenient locations

We’re building a nationwide network of car owners and drivers, so you’ll be able to rent a ride that’s just down the block or maybe even in your neighbor’s driveway.

Insurance on every rental

We understand that one-size-fits-all coverage may not actually “fit” everyone, so we offer three different protection packages to better meet your individual needs.

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24/7 support

Have questions? Need roadside assistance?

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Environmental responsibility

Manufacturing cars releases CO2 into the air. Do the world a favor by using a car that’s already out there.

When to use RelayRides

When a bike just won’t get you there

It’s great to ride your bike or take the subway. We do it all the time. Just know we’re here when you occasionally need a car.

When you need some extra room

No space for big boxes in your little hatchback? Rent a pickup truck, van or SUV.

When it’s time for an adventure

Heading off to the mountains? Just in town for a couple weeks? RelayRides can help.

When you want to impress

If showing up on horseback isn’t an option, why not pick up your date in a BMW or a Benz?

When you’re not sure you want to buy

How does that electric car perform in real-world conditions? Remove the pressure of the dealership test-drive with a short rental through RelayRides.

When you’re at work

Rent a car that saves you from the same old walking-distance lunch spots.