Airport parking now gives you extra money

Get cash and free parking at SFO

Rent out your car to approved travelers while you’re away. Your car is protected under our $1 million insurance.

How it works

Before your trip

It’s really simple! Just meet at our parking lot. You can park anytime, as long as we have availability in our lot.

If you prefer to secure a spot, you can reserve your free airport parking space.

Day of your trip

Check in with the lot attendant, who can help with luggage, shuttle and rental questions.

Take a short ride to the terminal in the convenient shuttle.

Receive an email with information of your car as you left it.

While you’re away

RelayRides rents your car to arriving travelers and pays you $0.10/mile if your car is driven. Only renters who meet RelayRides’ strict eligibility requirements can rent your car. As always, your car will be protected by our $1 million insurance policy.

When you return

Relax as our attendant handles your car’s pick-up and drop-off. It will be ready for your return.

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Looking to rent a car at SFO?

Go from the runway to the road with RelayRides — now easily accessible at SFO Airport. Enjoy better selection and lower prices by renting from a San Francisco local.

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