Jeep Liberty 2003

My Boy, Blue!

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San Diego, CA 92101
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About the car

Power locks, power windows, A/C
Can get 21+ MPG highway if you're nice.
Average 15+ MPG city driving.
Regular, unleaded gas. ~15 gal tank
Smart phone holder for navigation.
USB charger, three outlets.
Bike rack for up to two bikes.
Tires rotated, power steering pump replaced 2/2015.

Mileage: ~118k (2/2015)
Last oil change, synthetic: 2/2015 at ~118k miles
Last bath: 9/2014
Last vacuumed: 8/2014

My boy, Blue, has been good to me. I drove it from Pittsburgh to San Diego and through some pretty mean snow-packed roads in Texas. It's never broken down on me (knock, knock), not even during my single day record Minneapolis to Boulder trip :)

I don't keep Blue super clean, inside or out, so if you can't stand a little dust and dirt then beware. As my brother likes to say, "It's a truck, not a Lexus."

I always do the RelayRides checklist form with my renters, so no funny business!


I take the train to work, so I typically only drive Blue once a week to run some errands

If you can start/end your trip around 7am/7pm Monday through Friday, that is ideal because it allows me to meet you before/after work. Most weekends, anytime works. Otherwise, I can drive to work in Solana Beach if you can manage to meet me there.

With the above time constraints in mind...
1. I'm happy to pick you up at the airport as long as you don't mind if I give myself a ride back into the city :)
2. Meeting you at the downtown San Diego Amtrak station is even easier for me, you can drive off straight from there!
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  • Automatic transmission
  • Bike rack
  • All-wheel drive
  • Long term rentals

Mileage limits

  • 250 mi/day
  • 1,500 mi/week
  • 3,000 mi/month


San Diego, CA 92101


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response rate
1 hr
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