Honda CR-V 1998

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Santa Clara, CA 95054

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About the car

This is a great vehicle and a real workhorse! It has helped our family move 4x in the 15 years we've owned it. The rear seats fold fully flat. Everything works - Heater, A/C, tape player (yes!), CD player and radio. It has powered driver's seat, doors and mirrors.

The vehicle is extremely well maintained mechanically and is very reliable - 1998 was the first model year when CRV was introduced in the US market. The car therefore came with the original Japanese engine, and was assembled in Japan.

A few other plusses:

1. Has a roof rack (there is a dent on the roof from when a tree fell on it during a storm, but it doesn't affect the functionality of the roof rack)

2. I can supply a car seat if necessary (forward facing car seat).

3. I can also supply a GPS unit and/or an inverter (charge your phone!) for $5 extra per day.

4. Kid friendly!
The car has cloth seats that are easier to clean, plastic interiors that can be wiped down and interior plastic/rubber mats that can be washed to clean up spills. There is a picnic table built into the floor on the back that can be pulled out and opened to exactly the right height so you can sit on the tail gate and enjoy your picnic.

The car has never been in an accident and is still owned by the original owner who continues to drive the car 15 years later!

Please consider this before you rent this vehicle:


NO SMOKERS PLEASE! (That includes giving rides in my car to others who smoke)

While the car is great for shorter trips where you need to move people/things around town, I personally wouldn't drive this car on longer road trips where the route takes you to/through the mountains.

The 1998 CRV has the original underpowered engine given the car's size and weight. Honda fixed this in later models but it's definitely something to think about with this car especially when thinking about a trip to the mountains. Chances are you will end up driving behind the trucks in the right lane.


I can make the car available on short notice, just call/txt/email me a few hours ahead of time to set it up.
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  • Automatic transmission
  • All-wheel drive
  • Long term rentals

Mileage limits

  • 100 mi/day
  • 1,000 mi/week
  • 1,500 mi/month


Santa Clara, CA 95054


Last updated 299 days ago

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