Nissan Truck 1996

Little Nissan 4x4

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San Jose, CA 95117

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About the car

People are continually leaving notes for me asking to buy my little white truck. It's small and super easy to drive (so long as you can drive stick), it's a 4x4 if for some reason you need it (let's talk), and it can carry crap in the back. It's got a bed liner so I'm not too worried about what goes back there, but if it's going to be really messy, let's discuss that as well.

It's old, but it's solid; if you need to move a couch or a TV or pick up a large box from Ikea or something, it should do you just fine. The full rundown of the aging beast's ailments:

* Lack of critter comforts: No A/C, cruise, interval wipers. It's an old timey truck bench seat, but it rides comfortably.
* Imperfections: It's been well loved and well used - there are paint marks, the passenger's headrest is a little crooked, there are scuffs and light stains here and there. Sometimes the passenger speaker cuts out.

On the plus side:

* It has a bungee cargo net and tarp you can use for securing loads, super easy.
* Bring your iPod or a USB stick with your favorite MP3s. In fact, after you rent, I'd love to hear your favorite driving song to add to my playlist. :)
* Great visibility, sits up high and fun to drive.

Cargo area dimensions (based on internet search; I haven't measured yet to verify but these feel right): length (inches): 73.8, front width (inches): 59.8, width between arches (inches): 41.7 and height (inches): 17.1

Happy trails!


Weekday pickups would need to be at around 10am before I leave for work, or after 10p when I get home. I'm happy to drop off keys the night before, if that works better.

For drop-offs, I'm a lot more flexible, just let me know what works and we can figure it out!

On weekends, I prefer a pickup of noon or later. It's the only time I really get a lot of sleep, I admit! :)
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  • Manual transmission
  • Audio input
  • All-wheel drive
  • Long term rentals

Mileage limits

  • 200 mi/day
  • 1,000 mi/week
  • 1,500 mi/month


San Jose, CA 95117


Last updated 67 days ago

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1 hr
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