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Big Red

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Washington DC, DC 20003

About the car

Big Red is a great car for hauling furniture, boxes, junk to Good Will, or lawn debris or other refuse. This light Pick-Up truck with 4 x 4 drive has tires for traction, a hauling package, covered canopy, extra cab that can fit six people (snuggly), and a six foot bed that can be easily hosed down. The truck comes with a think car blanket (for covering or wrapping furniture) and a bag of equipment to tie down things should the item you are hauling extend longer than the bed (e.g. bungee cord, woven ties with metal claps, etc.) and a measuring tape to double check everything fits before you haul anything to it. I've been able to fit everything (couches) in the back with the covered canopy FYI.

In terms of cleanliness, I like to keep it clean and get it detailed once a quarter. On December 21, I steam cleaned the upholstery and carpets inside and did so again on April 1, 2013 and again in August 26, 2013. It is a truck, however, and utilitarian so it has scrapes and dents externally. It's not a Mercedes but a Mercedes cannot not move your refrigerator. :)

The car has a smartphone charger. The car has a Zone 6 sticker on it making parking available for free in SE, NE, and SW, DC.

Big Red is listed on Google Maps which is located here:

Basic RelayRides Rules: Replace the gas you use & return the car on time (you can extend the rental before the reservation runs out) or incur extra fees.

Big Red passes DC inspection every year. Big Red has never been in any major accidents. He has never broken down *EVER*. I would drive my grandmother across this country and back in this vehicle. He has new breaks, new alternator belts, gets his oil changed regularly and is reported by quarterly inspections by my mechanic as being "in great shape like Toyota Trucks are". He has a small crack in the driver side mirror. Big Red is not a fancy car. It is a pick-up truck that is parked on Capitol Hill Streets. It has been scraped, at various times by cars driving past while it was parked, at no-fault to my own. People love Big Red because he gets the job done on a budget with 24/hour access. For an older style pick-up it is surprisingly popular.

If you need to park your own car in my neighborhood and don't have a Zone 6 sticker, I can pick up a parking permit for you for $10 for free residential parking. I need to know your state and license plate number, ideally a day before the reservation.

Review: I am proud of the reviews I have. Two reviews are disasterously awful but both are from drivers who returned the car late and either parked the car illegally without gas or failed to mention where the car was and I had to look for it. In these cases, RelayRides enforced the late fee and these people retaliated with a bad review. These people are bad at sharing the others are great at sharing and it works for both parties.


Big Red is generally always available. I have a lock box for the key so renters can access it 24 hours a day. Typically I prefer to meet people but if our schedules do not align I typically allow renters to pick up the keys from a secure lockbox. Gas: Relay Rides policy is to replace the gas you use.

Time frame: Big Red is made available to people for car sharing purposes. Someone may share the car after the time you pay to share it, so you must schedule the time you need and honor that commitment. If you need the car for more time, it can be arranged, but you have to ask to extend it before the reservation ends or incur late fees. If you are late bringing back the car and don't communicate this in a timely fashion this might impact someone's schedule.

I LOVE sharing resources and sharing Big Red with 90% of the people is easy and works. However, for the 10% of people who SUCK at sharing, please know in advance, I find it funny when people, who are late and inconvenience others then complain about late fees. We have a contract with each other and it is our obligation to mutually honor the contract we agree upon. If you are late and the next person cannot pick up up the car they scheduled, this is really tough to manage. I will do it because it is my job but be forewarned in the three people who have complained about RelayRides lates fees, 100% of the time, the late fee policy has been enforced. Have an issue and really late for valid reason, communicate what is going on as it occurring. I am more than happy to work with you.
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  • Automatic transmission
  • Long term rentals

Mileage limits

  • 200 mi/day
  • 500 mi/week
  • 750 mi/month

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